Thursday, January 16, 2014


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Karena Ng and Alex Lam switch roles with fake mustache and belly
Eric Tsang jokes that Raymond Wong has worn his leather look for 10 years
Vincent Kok reveals that Lynn Xiong's face turns red during the birthing scene
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Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Lynn Xiong, Karena Ng Chin Yu and others two days ago followed Raymond Wong Pak Ming to Guangzhou to promote their Lunar New Year film HELLO BABIES (LUK FUK HEI SI). Chi Wai was asked why he would make a Lunar New Year film for Wong Pak Ming. He joked, "Wong Pak Ming is all in leather, over 10 years ago he was dressed this way too. With just one look you can tell the economy is not doing well, so I came over to help him!" Chi Wai then seriously said that actually because Wong Pak Ming gave him a lot of money. The entire audience cracked up before he said that he was joking.

A photo of Wong Pak Ming in a woman disguise was shown, as well as Chi Wai and Sandra Ng Kwan Yu's THE GRANDMASTER (YUT DOI JUNG SI) impersonations. Chi Wai joked that Wong Pak Ming in a female disguise looked like Mimi Choo. The host asked him why he would fight with Kwan Yu? He again joked, "Because I already know Kwan Yu would make GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS (GUM GAI SSS), so I hit her."

Vincent Kok Tak Siu revealed that Hung Doi Lam turned red during her birthing scene, she also put on many pairs of pants to prevent wardrobe malfunction. As for Ng Chin Yu she played a loving couple with Alex Lam Tak Shun. On the stage they switched roles for photos. Chin Yu BB put on fake mustache to play the husband while Lam Tak Shun wore a fake belly to play the wife. The host compared Chin Yu's boyfriend Raymond Lam Fung with Lam Tak Shun. She praised that Lam Fung was simpler, unlike Lam Tak Shun who admitted that his personal life was complicated.

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