Wednesday, January 22, 2014


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Ivana Wong again worked with Wong Cho Nam yesterday as they worked on their film DELETE (DELETE OI YUN) promotional poster. Cho Nam called her "Sister Chi" as soon as he said her and then gave her the nickname "Wong Nine Teams", referring to how busy she was. Wong Yuen Chi admitted that her work schedule was packed, she almost had no time to date. She said, "In the film I played Cho Nam's girlfriend of 10 years, because I was ill I wrote a will everyday. In real life I am not a clingy girlfriend because I am afraid of being bothered. I don't need to see my boyfriend everyday, only when I miss him the most. Work comes first for both of us." She revealed that work has already been scheduled for early this year to the end of the year, she did not even dared to think about going on vacation overseas.

Cho Nam half jokingly said, "In the film Sister Chi and I had no kiss scene. I only kissed Lo Fun! Sister Chi for GOLDEN CHICKENSSS (GUM GAISSS) made a bed scene and promoted like crazy. She only had a little time to promote for DELETE. Now she is officially working in music, film and television, I was the most afraid that she couldn't make INBOUND TROUBLES 2, luckily she had time in the end."

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