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Michael Hui Koon Man yesterday attended an event. Speaking of the war of words between Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Astrid Chan Chi Ching over the PAG presidential election, as the PAG permanent honorary president he said, "Only members can elect a president. As for whether instantly admitted members can run instantly, I am not certain. At first membership application required three film credits. When the PAG lacks people, it needs time to confirm certain things. Chau Sun of course meets the criteria, but the process it still needs to be done this way." He said that it was just a problem with the process.

Speaking of Chau Sun and others had to fill out their forms next to a garbage can, Hui Koon Man said, "That's unreasonable, very strange." He felt that Chau Sun was qualified to be the president. Chau Sun's artist performance abilities were great, he was a leader who could lead the new generation and he also had draw. Hui Koon Man was not worried that if Chau Sun became the president the PAG would become more political. "He is very smart, he wouldn't do that. If I vote, I would vote for Chau Sun."

Hui Koon Man denied being opinionated during the DELETE (DELETE OI YUN) production and becoming at odds with director Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum). He said, "We just had dinner the other day and had a great time. They respect me so much, it's hard to have a problem even if I wanted to."

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