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Aaron Kwok makes a Bull Demon King pose
Aaron Kwok as Bull Demon King
Chow Yun Fat as Jade Emperor
Donnie Yen as Sun Wukong
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing in the Lunar New Year film THE MONKEY KING (SAI YAU GEI ji DAI LAU TIN GUNG) played the Bull Demon King and had a fight scene with Chow Yun Fat's Jade Emperor. Sing Sing said that he had too few memorable scenes with him, he did not have more time to learn from Fat Gor about acting, treating people and handling matter, as well as the hardest lesson of presence.

THE MONKEY KING's Bull Demon King Sing Sing found his fight scene with Fat Gor the most memorable. He said, "I was afraid that Fat Gor would injure me. He was the Jade Emperor, with awesome god power, but my Bull Tribe wasn't weak either." Sing Sing said that his first time with Fat Gor was memorable because it was "not enough". He had too few scenes with him. Sing Sing also said that he cherished his days with Fat Gor and hoped to have a chance to work with Fat Gor again. He dared to compete with Fat Gor in acting? He said, "Of course that would be impossible, I used the word compete to make viewers look forward to it more. I have to have confidence in myself as well, as an actor I have to have self confidence." He pointed out that he learned a lot from Fat Gor, like Fat Gor's presence and extraordinary position, acting, treating people and handling matter. Although he would have a long way to go to learn Fat Gor's presence, he still had to learn.

Sing Sing and the "Strongest in the Universe" Sun Wukong Donnie Yen Chi Tan had a series of fights. Who was a better fighter between the "dance stage king" and the "strongest in the universe"? Sing Sing wonderfully answered, "In the film we held our own, outside the film Chi Tan is capable in his martial art abilities and I am capable in my dancing. When Chi Tan was tough I was gentle."

He also pointed out that he had no intimate scene with Princess Iron Fan Joe Chen Chiao-En, he joked that if he wanted any intimate scene he would have to make a prequel. However Yen Chi Tan said that the production was very tough and stated that even if the film would become a hit, he would not play Sun Wukong again in the sequel. Sing Sing asked why not, he was used to hard work. He joked that perhaps Yen Chi Tan's pants pockets got heavier so he was afraid of tough job. If Chi Tan's pockets got heavier, his wallet must have swollen up too? Sing Sing said, "I hope to be a little heavier career wise. I am more career minded so I would make it. (Even without Chi Tan?) That would depend on the director and the boss."

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