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With work scheduled until next year, Wong Cho Nam will unlikely wed this year
Stephen Shiu Jr. says that it is hard to ask his friend's wife Angelina Zhang to be sexy
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Wong Cho Nam and Stephen Shiu Jr. two nights ago promoted their film DELETE MY LOVE (DELETE OI YUN) in Victoria Park. Cho Nam said that he and girlfriend Leanne Li already had Lunar New Year dinner with family and joked that he was already used to relatives rushing him about marriage. He said, "My answer is 'so close yet so far'! I plan to wed in 1 to 3 years, but this year's chances are slim because my work has already been scheduled until next year." He said that girls enjoyed planning a wedding so the preparation would take longer. He did not want to be too causal and upset his girlfriend. "I still haven't proposed yet, I have to have an idea first. I have a lot of ideas to come up with, the proposal idea is not the most urgent."

Stephen Shiu Jr. stated that Angelina Zhang (Cheung Woon Nga) was swept into a nude photo scandal and thus was prohibited from promoting the new film HONG KONG UNDERCOVER COP (MAN LUNG DUT GWING). Stephen Shiu Jr. two nights ago said that earlier during the film wrap he already told Cheung Woon Nga about the promotional ban. He was not afraid of being called "petty". "Cheung Woon Nga is only a guest star, with very little screen time. She doesn't need to promote the film nonstop." He reiterated that her sexy image did not match the action comedy, just like he would not ask her to promote animation. If Cheung Woon Nga dressed conservatively would she be able to participate? He said, "Her overall image, online content are sexier, next time when we have a sexy movie we will ask her to promote. Honestly it is somewhat awkward, she is my best friend (Mark Wu Yiu Fai)'s wife. It's very hard to ask your friend's wife to be sexy. Even if she is willing, I still hope it's someone else's work."

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