Saturday, January 18, 2014


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Rainky Wai, Monna Lam, Michelle Wai, Ivana Wong
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Ivana Wong Yuen Chi yesterday promoted GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS (GUM GAI SSS). She admitted that she and "Figure King" Eric So Cheuk Hong had a lot of fun on dates. "We have been together for awhile, over 100 hours. We met at a friendly gathering." Some pointed out that she became the third party between Eric and Helen To Yu Fung. Wong Yuen Chi replied, "They haven't dated in a long time, he and I have also been single for awhile. We spent a lot of time together before we decided to date. When the report used 'third party became the legitimate one' to describe me, I am truly helpless. Luckily we have chemistry. Mommy knew that I was on a magazine cover and immediately told Auntie to buy it in support!"

Speaking of her boyfriend being disloyal, Wong Yuen Chi said, "I would respect and trust him. If I don't we can't possibly be together." Did her boyfriend give her a figure? Wong Yuen Chi said, "Do you think I would agree only after accepting two toys! Everyone likes art, we have common interests. We share music and designs." Is he the one that she would marry? "I have restrain, I can't publicly talk about that."

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