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Anthony Wong says that he cannot find Eric Tsang, like they are playing hide and seek
Astrid Chan
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Anthony Wong Chau Sun was about to run for the Performing Artist Guild presidency, but Executive Secretary Astrid Chan Chi Ching claimed that he and the others could not join immediately and had to wait for inspection. Thus the meeting was adjourned. The incident triggered a difference of opinions among members and caused an internal storm. Chau Sun revealed online that the "PAG incident already has communication." Reportedly, Eric Tsang Chi Wai who resigned from the president post yesterday morning met with the Guild's executive committee and lawyers at the Guild address. Chi Wai felt that the Guild's internal articles awaited improvement and thus asked the lawyers to postpone the members meeting that was scheduled for the 23rd. Because the Guild needed time to handle Guild matters, at their completion an election will take place.

Yesterday Chau Sun said, "The matter has already come to a close. Let's wait for them to take care of the internal matters first. The election would probably be postponed because application inspection and admission require process and time. At first the election was delayed until the 21st, which probably wouldn't be enough time. Different people would have different opinions of the articles, so let's wait for the lawyers to help them clear up the matter first." Will he participate again and offer his opinions? "How can I? I am not a member. (Are you decline to run again?) A decision will be made then." Chau Sun said that so far Chi Wai has not called him, but Wong Cho Nam has sent him text messages to keep him informed. He said, "The most primarily I will explain to the dozen friends or so who I asked to join the Guild. I have always been responsible in what I do. They aren't used to facing problems, which is the biggest problem because problems would only add up over time. Although facing problems is definitely troublesome, being able to resolve the problem is the biggest benefit." Will he still reject Chan Chi Ching from the executive committee? He said that everything will have to wait until the PAG has taken care of its internal matter. Many online supported Chau Sun. He even joked, "Liu Bang rolled in the gutter, fighting for the next kingdom."

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