Tuesday, January 21, 2014


courtesy of singtao.com

Emperor new film CHUNG FUNG CHEH (ARMORED VEHICLE) has already started production in the middle of the month. Actors included Francis Ng Chun Yu, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Mark Cheng Ho Nam, Leo Ku Kui Kei, Christie Si Xuan and others. Lau Ho Leung was its first time director.

Sunday around 6PM, the CHUNG FUNG CHEH was shooting a scene with Ah Tam and Chun Yu in an alley near Manulife Financial Centre in Kwun Tong. When they arrived they first put on make up, Ah Tam in the film played a vain thief. Off camera he tried to be vain as well, often helping Chun Yu with his "long hair". The shoot officially began around 7PM, after about an hour the alley scene was shot. The location was like an intersection, where Ah Tam walked back and forth. The crew deliberately made the atmosphere mysterious. Ah Tam then became more eye catching. When the crowd began to grow, some pedestrians and extras in the film asked Ah Tam for photos.

Ah Tam was asked how the shoot went. "With Best Actors on the set, I of course can't show any weakness. I have to be cooler and more foul mouthed!" He continued to say that the shoot was very pleasant, the new director was very fiery. Everyone was very professional, after reading the script they just took their marks without any need to chat. They were already done in less than two takes. He even advertised with praises of how attractive the story was, several retired Wise Guys reuniting for a heist. He and Chun Yu had a touching brotherly relationship. For this film, Ah Tam also worked at night for several months. He joked, "All the zits are out. The shoot is expected to continue until February. However I definitely have to go home for the Lunar New Year."

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