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Bai Bing says that the most memorable moment for her is stepping on Hu Jun's back to escape

Simon Yam and Hu Jun are close friends off camera
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Mainland actors Hu Jun and Bai Bing in the film AS THE LIGHT GOES OUT (GAU FOR YING HUNG) had many scenes together, Bai Bing said that the most memorable scene was when she and Michelle Wai Si Nga had to turn Hu Jun into a "human ladder". They had to step on his back to escape. She said, "His shoulder was injured, it was quite painful." Hu Jun joked if she wore high heels at the time. "It was the first time a woman stepped on me too, luckily after shooting it twice it was OK." Playing a firefighter for the first time, Hu Jun said it was not easy at all. "It's very tiring, very painful, if it was real then firefighters are even more amazing."

Simon Yam Tat Wa earlier said that his stair running scene with Hu Jun was the most memorable. "Hu Jun and I carried two oxygen tanks and ran up 20 floors of stairs. We were all out of breath, I would have never guessed that they would find the oldest ones to run." Hu Jun also said that the scene was very memorable. "It's tough, we ran for real. However this production had no comfortable part. It's all dirty, by the end the make up didn't need to be fixed."

When reporters joked about any future firefighter role, Hu Jun joked, "No no no no, no, come find me for other characters too." He also would not eliminate the possibility of making a Hong Kong television series. "Bring over the script, with a good role and a good script I don't mind." However he joked that he definitely could not play someone who was born and raised in Hong Kong. He said in Cantonese, "I don't understand and I can't speak it. (Who taught you Cantonese?) I have worked with too many Hong Kong people. I know a little. Where do you hang out?"

As for Bai Bing who has been married to her Mainland model boyfriend Ding Yi for several months, earlier she also announced that she was with child. She said that because of this film she did not have time for the honeymoon. "I feel that I have to finish the job to be able to enjoy our world of two." Although she has not thought of a honeymoon spot, she sweetly said, "Wherever is fine, as long as we are together." Hu Jun joked, "That's good for you! From now on you just bring your husband to work with you, you can spend money from hiring an assistant."

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