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Chapman To, Gao Hu, Kimmy Tong, Nicholas Tse support Chow Yun Fat
Even the host is after Nicholas Tse
Kimmy Tong is awkwardly stuck between Chow Yun Fat and Nicholas Tse's pleasantries
Nicholas Tse remains reserved with Kimmy Tong
Chapman To is envious of Gao Hu's scenes with Chow Yun Fat
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Nicholas Tse, Chapman To, Chow Yun Fat
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This Lunar New Year, Chow Yun Fat will take on himself at the box office. After promoting THE MONKEY KING (DAI LAU TIN GUNG) two days ago, yesterday he promoted FROM VEGAS TO MACAU (DOH SING FUNG WON) in Beijing. He thoughtfully turned his hairstyle into the God of Gamblers look. Fat Gor recalled that when he was child because his father was a gambler and lost all of his salary, he has hated gambling since childhood. He joked that he was the "most counterfeit God of Gamblers". "That's how the world is, later Wong Jing asked me to play God of Gamblers, which became very popular. Actually I didn't know each a little bit." In the film he and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung formed a "team of God and Hero". Fat Gor said, "Ting Fung's father (Patrick) Tse Yin and I years ago worked together on THE SHELL GAME II (CHIN WON KWUN YING WUI). At the time I played Sei Gor's disciple, I never thought that now Ting Fung would play my disciple. I believe it is Wong Jing's arrangement." Wong Jing nodded and admitted that he hoped to express some connections, because Fat Gor has said that the next 30 years of film will depend on Ting Fung. Fat Gor said, "If Ting Fung plays my father, I am willing!" He then took the initiative to shake Ting Fung's hand, sending Ting Fung retreating as he screamed, "I don't dare, I don't dare". Chow Yun Fat also said that he made the film for classes, because To Man Jat, Tse Ting Fung and Gao Hu were so thin, under pressure he finally lost 30 pounds too. He then bowed to each of them. He joked, "I fed them everyday but I didn't have anything, because I wanted them to get fat. I am very malicious."

When the host asked Ting Fung repeatedly when he learned from Fat Gor, he pretended to taunt her and said, "You asked me three times already, are you unconscious from seeing Fat Gor?" To Man Jat added, "Fat Gor came to act, not to teach." The host showed no fear and even pretended to hit Ting Fung with a banner. Gao Hu and Tong Fei were asked if they liked Fat Gor or Ting Fung. Ting Fung immediately rushed off the stage toward the reporter and said, "I am admitting defeat first. I don't mind if I suffer, don't upset Fat Gor. Why don't you think about it first then ask." Fat Gor also pointed out that his other film THE MONKEY KING will be released in the Mainland on the same day. "I hope both movies will perform well."

Tong Fei appeared to have some stage fright. When the host asked her to introduce her character in a couplet format, she was stumped. Luckily Fat Gor helped out. "I am Tong Fei, flying back and forth".

Mainland Bona Film Group CEO Yu Dong stated that the new film was the first gambling film to be released in the Mainland, which was an enormous challenge. "Actually our film is a story about Macau, it has many other elements so it can be released in the Mainland."

Fat Gor and Fat Soh appeared in a black and white couple look. Fat Soh even wished everyone a Happy Lunar New Year in advance. The host asked how Fat Soh will spend her New Spring? Fat Soh said, "I will stay in Hong Kong and cook." Fat Gor immediately praised his wife's cooking as top notch.

Tse Ting Fung perhaps out of fear of rumors kept his distance from Tong Fei. When Tong Fei complimented Ting Fung for being "very humorous", Ting Fung immediately took a few steps back, pretended to be surprised and pointed at himself.

When To Man Jat saw the tall Mainland actor Gao Hu, he joked about his own height and said that he was very envious that he could work with Chow Yun Fat. Later when Fat Gor went on stage he played along and pretended that he could not find Ah Jat. Ah Jat was asked which character in the gambling film series he resembled the most, he answered in "Hong Kong style Putonghua", "'Fa Goo Lone' (Burnt Flower Mushroom, referring to Nick Cheung Ka Fai's character Dragon), don't you know?" Ah Jat was asked if he would be more reserved in front of Fat Gor normally. "Being reserved is being fake, in other words disrespectful. In life you have to be true to your nature."

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