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Derek Yee Tung Sing two days ago stated online that from now on he would not use "rolling schedule" actors but did not name who it was. Yee Tung Sing wrote, "I hereby openly announce, from now on I will not use any rolling schedule actors. Actors with real actor ethics would not roll the schedule to make another film, to tour, to perform shows, to make commercials, to do anything distracting! I won't be unfair to you either, like with where I live, what I eat at work, I guarantee it is the same as yours. I absolutely will not permit your treatment to be worse, since I have said it you can't ask for more than me."

Yee Tung Sing also said, "Also, when I make movies I can't get tired. Early shift -- from sunrise to sunset, night shift --- from sunset to sunrise. My contract doesn't have any terms like starting from the you think you are a taxi? Conditions like when you get off work......I haven't stopped yet where are you going? In addition, try to minimize assistants and entourage, don't occupy space on the set. You can't bring your own make up and hair stylists, don't play with your phone on the set, keep quiet, focus, concentrate, etc; I support 'people have the right to choose' 100%, you really don't need me, and I don't have to have you!"

Yee Tung Sing listed his demands for professional actors, perhaps he has seen the common phenomenon among current actors and could not hold back any longer. Any actor who will work with Yee Tung Sing in the future have to watch out!

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