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Yu Dong, Kimmy Tong, Nicholas Tse, Wong Jing, Andrew Lau
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Chow Yun Fat two nights ago attended FROM VEGAS TO MACAU (DOH SING FUNG WON) held its premiere press conference in Beijing. This year he has two Lunar New Year films, but he said that he only guest starred in THE MONKEY KING (DAI LAU TIN GUNG). FROM VEGAS TO MACAU was the primary one. He even joked that if the film will be a big hit, he will follow Ge You's "no movie for three years" lead. Reportedly, Ge You after LET THE BULLETS FLY's outstanding box office and character has been more selective with other characters. Thus he chose to make PERSONAL TAILOR 3 years later.

Perhaps Nicholas Tse Ting Fung did not want any rumor, he kept his distance from Kimmy Tong Fei. When Tong Fei praised that he was humorous, he even took a few steps back, pretended to be surprised and pointed at himself. Fat Gor and Ting Fung revealed for the first time that actually they did not know how to gamble. Fat Gor had to learn Landlord on the set.

After attending the film's Beijing premiere, the next morning Ting Fung got up at 5AM for a flight. After arriving in Shenzhen he continued to promote with "Jing Girl" Kimmy Tong Fei, director Wong Jing, producer Andrew Lau Wai Keung and boss Yu Dong. At the press conference Tong Fei who was paired with Ting Fung was nervous and spoke softly. Reporters had to lean in to be able to hear her say that during the shoot Ting Fung rarely spoke. Ting Fung was asked later if anything memorable happened between him and Tong Fei. "Really nothing did! However she is very nice and polite. At least she has never been really late, which is something that not everyone can do."

Speaking of being late, Ting Fung had plenty to say. "Once a new comer was at least half an hour late for our movie. Of course I wouldn't let something like this continue to happen, so I went back to the hotel early. I had to teach the person a lesson, not only me but the entire team was affected."

Ting Fung has always chosen to "not name names in criticism". Ting Fung proudly said that he was known to be on time since he got into the business. "It soon will be my 16th year in the business, I have never been late for a minute or a second! Sometimes I might arrive a little late, I would adjust without hair or makeup to save some time." Speaking of Derek Yee Tung Sing's complaint about actor arrogance, Ting Fung heard about it. "I completely understand what he said, sometimes directors have it pretty bad. That's why even when people ask me to, I was unwilling." He also said that he would go overseas for the Lunar New Year but did not directly reply if he planned to visit his sons in Singapore.

Mainland Bona Group boss Yu Dong yesterday at the press conference pointed out that the film's investment reached 100 million yuan RMB. "It's the most expensive comedy in history!" The entire team was rather confident about the box office. Yu Dong even promised that if the box office reached over 400 million yuan RMB he would make a sequel with the original team.

Director Wong Jing also pointed out that this film was different from previous gambling films. Because a lot of outstanding special effects were used, viewers would have an eye opening experience.

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