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For the Lunar New Year, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu originally would have enjoyed a Martini on the beach and watch her daughter swim; however, this year with her Lunar New Year film GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS (GUM GAI SSS) of course she could not make any mistake. Thus she chose to stay in Hong Kong to promote. On the Lunar New Year's Day, Kwan Yu wrote "Golden Chicken Reports Joy" and posted the word "Fortune" in hopes for the new film to bring good news. She not only wished for monopoly for the chicken and rising box office but also for everyone to have good news after good news and for fortune and joy to both arrive.

This was not Kwan Yu's first time as a film producer. The first time was over a decade with 4 FACES OF EVE (SEI MIN HA WA), because it ended up in trouble she did not dare to put her name on the credit. Kwan Yu said that back then she was too naive as she paid for the entire film production. "When it ran out of money I put in my own. It cost over 8 million, ending up in total loss. (Did you lose all your own money?) Yes, it's all gone! Everyday at home with the checkbook in hand, I couldn't help but cry as I wrote checks to pay back other people. At the time my nickname was 'Check signing Eve'. Later I still had a 800,000 promotional bill to pay, I could only take it out of my own salary!" Kwan Yu was not afraid of the painful lesson as she produced again. With over 10 years of experience, she has seen and learned a lot. She said that she would do anything silly. Thus for GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS she called in favors from Best Actors and superstars Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Dayo Wong Chi Wa, Eason Chan Yik Shun and other guest stars without any salary or overtime, she even had a little money left to treat the workers to dinner. Kwan Yu said, "I only gave them a little lai see. Because of their worth and salary today, however much I gave them would be meaningless."

Did she feel she was lucky with people? Kwan Yu agreed that after years in the business she has built mutual trust. She said, "Cheung Ka Fai and I have never really worked together. Over a decade ago when we made THE TRICKY MASTER (CHIN WONG JI WONG 2000) we had no scene together. Our relationship might have been built on the fact that we both have a daughter and have a lot to talk about; we both like to watch movies and constantly encourage each other. Goo Jai's friendship is built over the last 5 years. Goo Jai is an introvert, a direct man who isn't apt at pleasantry. He just listens to me talk wholeheartedly. (Donnie) Yen Chi Tan is like Goo Jai, he speaks from the heart and doesn't dress anything up" As for Chan Yik Shun, Ng Kwan Yu joked that their relationship was built from years of asking him for concert tickets. She said, "He and I are both Leos, I understand why he would suddenly become emotional and upset. Actually he is very understanding and can read people. With all the pressure from his position in the music industry, becoming emotional suddenly is inevitable."

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