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Rose Chan, Michael Tse
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Stephy Tang does not need to swear that she is single. She feels if it will be found to be untrue in the future it will be harder to explain
William Chan is almost as thin as Rose Chan
Bosco Wong thanks Liu Kai Chi for bringing him into character
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The film NAM YUN NG HOR YI KUNG (MEN CAN'T BE POOR) two nights ago held its wrap banquet. Stephy Tang Lai Yun recently has been rumored to be already married to boyfriend Alex Fong Lik Sun. Her new car's SF license plate meant "Stephy Fong". She said, "I am not Mrs. Fong. My husband's last night is Fut (Rich), call me Mrs. Fut. (Rich Wife). I am really mad! I of course am not married yet, the rumor has been repeated no less than ten times."

Stephy said that the license plate came by luck of the draw. Fong Lik Sun also wanted it since it could stand for Siu Fong. As for a real wedding, Stephy said, "I don't know, if we really get married we will tell everyone. I try not to get married because of a child. When I want a child then we will wed. Is Fong Lik Sun the one? Before the final moment no one knows, for now he is passing."

Bosco Wong Chung Chak was asked about old flame Myolie Wu Hung Yi's revelation that she had suitors. He said, "This is a good thing, a good thing means blessing! I don't have any sour feeling, since it has passed for so long." As for any chance for a reunion, Wong Chung Chak only said, "Hurry up and introduce girls to me, do you know any good one? Eliza Sam is decent? She is just a little girl to me, I like an independent, mature person."

Rose Chan Ka Wun's character in the film was suitable for Golden online user taste. She said, "I didn't add anything, everything was real. Because the shirt was too tight, something came out. Even the crew didn't dare to look at me."

William Chan Wai Ting lost 30 pounds for the film, but her girlfriend Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin's heart did not ache for him. He said, "I lost it in a very healthy way, with light diet and exercise."

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