Friday, January 24, 2014


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Mandy Lieu says her figure is no match for her co-star Candy Law
Kathy Chow will go skiing with her husband in the Lunar New Year
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Mandy Lieu took place in the new film ENTHRALLED (OI.CHUM.MAI). In the film she put her figure on display in a swimsuit that could challenge the sexy goddess of a generation Nina Li Chi. Mandy yesterday attended a beauty award joked, "I am very happy to hear that. Li Chi is a goddess to me, but I don't feel that I am a goddess. Li Chi's figure is great. I would work hard to stay in shape and healthy, but it's too late for breast enhancement."

Mandy in the film had a daring performance, but did not gain as much attention as the supposedly hardcore Candy Law Lam. She said, "Everyone's styles are different. (Chip) Tsao Kit said that I was the rose and Law Lam was the peony, it was quite a blossom. I feel that a rose is very dangerous, every time I get them my hands would be pricked." Speaking of Lam Lam, whose figure was more amazing? Mandy said, "My chest falls! Law Lam is in great shape, she is very pretty in person."

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