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Chang Chen runs into Will Smith and Haruma Miura in Paris
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Wong Kar Wai says that THE GRANDMASTER's two Oscar nominations are in recognition of the perseverance of Hong Kong filmmakers
Carina Lau is happy for William Chang
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The Wong Kar Wai directed, Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Zhang Ziyi starred film THE GRANDMASTER (YUT DOI JUNG SI) represented Hong Kong to compete for an Oscars Best Foreign Film nomination. Unfortunately when the nominations were announced two days ago, it did not receive the nomination. Luckily William Chang Suk Ping and French photographer Philippe Le Sourd were nominated for Best Costume Design and Best Cinematography. Wong Kar Wai praised them as the glory of all Hong Kong filmmakers; Carina Lau Ka Ling was proud of Chang Suk Ping!

Wong Kar Wai yesterday responded to THE GRANDMASTER's Best Costume Design and Best Cinematography nominations. He said, "The film world only has one language, and it transmits from heart to heart. I wholeheartedly congratulate Chang Suk Ping and Philippe Le Sourd on being able to represent Hong Kong with the 86th Oscar Best Costume Design and Best Cinematography nominations. This is not only glory for Hong Kong film, but in recognition of the perseverance of all Hong Kong film workers."

Chang Suk Ping happily said, "I am very honored to be nominated for the Best Costume Design Oscar, thank you jury! This is the result of hard work from me and workers who worked with me." Lau Ka Ling posted a photo with Chang Suk Ping online. "Congratulations! I am proud of you! I am waiting for you to pop champagne." Chang Chen also said, "I have known Chang Suk Ping for along time, he is serious and persistent with every one of his films; Philippe Le Sourd is a great photographer, working with him would always have pleasant surprises. Aside from congratulating them on their nominations, I also wish them good luck."

Sil-Metropole chief Song Dai said, "THE GRANDMASTER received two nominations and we are very happy. They represent THE GRANDMASTER and Hong Kong film's international recognition; and confirmations for the director, Chang Suk Ping and Philippe. Thank you Hong Kong industry organizations and filmmakers for your support of us. We also look forward to Hong Kong film doing better in the future. At the same time, we Hong Kong film as a part of Chinese film would fight for even greater honor for Chinese film."

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