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Aaron Kwok turns into a giant Bull Demon King to fight against Chi Tan
Aaron Kwok, Donnie Yen
Donnie Yen returns the Monkey King to his childlike innocence
Joe Chen
courtesy of on.cc

"The Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan in THE MONKEY KING played Sun Wukong. He and Bull Demon King Aaron Kwok Fu Sing went from being as close as brothers to enemies. They both performed emotional scenes and a fight scene. With a dance background, Sing Sing looked convincing in his fight against Chi Tan. Later Sing Sing even transformed into a giant Bull Demon King to put Sun Wukong at a disadvantage. They fought until the Heavenly Palace was in ruins.

Chow Yun Fat as the Jade Emperor also amazed many with his agility. In his opening his first fought with Sing Sing, then turned into a flying dragon to stop Chi Tan and Sing Sing. Chi Tan and Jia Zitong's Nine Tailed Fox, as well as Sing Sing and Joe Chen Chiao-En's Princess Iron Fan, had touchingly romantic scenes.

In addition, Chi Tan, Sing Sing and Chen Chiao-En yesterday promoted in Taipei, Chi Tan admitted that THE MONKEY KING was the film that he had the most pressure with. Yet he said, "Breakthrough performance is my motivation!" To bring Sun Wukong to life, Chi Tan said that his greatest inspiration came from his son. "He let me find my own Sun Wukong style, and even returns Sun Wukong to his childlike innocence." He said that when he brought his son to watch the premiere, his son was mesmerized. "When he saw the Nine Tailed Fox scene he screamed 'NO!'" Chi Tan also said that he cherished the chance to work with Sing Sing and Chow Yun Fat very much.

Crowned the "Handsomest Bull Demon King in History", Sing Sing yesterday called himself "Bull K". He said that in the film he never yielded, but in real life he could afford to lose. "Life has wins and losses, now I can completely let go of my baggage." Chen Chiao-En praised Sing Sing. "His eyes can kill, they feel like they have many deep layers."

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