Saturday, January 18, 2014


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Best Host Luisa Lai Chi San designed sunglasses for the local brand PEOPLE by PEOPLE. Yesterday the brand held a press conference and Chi San invited many television station host friends.

Lai Chi San also revealed her new assignment. "In February I will begin hosting a talk program with (Anthony) Wong Chau Sun. Each episode will not have any content restriction and guests will be industry insiders. Chau Sun is famous for asking pointed questions, he can ask questions that I have never dared to ask. If he and the guest have an argument, I am responsible for smoothing things over and balance the relationship of both sides." The program's guest list criteria first has to be daring to speak, for now Anita Yuen Wing Yi, Charmaine Sheh Si Man and Josie Ho Chiu Yi have been confirmed. Would she invite Astrid Chan Chi Ching who has been rumored to be at odds with Chau Sun to the program? Chi San said that she was under consideration. "A great suggestion! However I worry that when the program airs at the end of February, the incident will already have lost its steam. Actually they only had different ways of handling the matter, their goal was for the good of the PAG!"

Two days ago at the Sir Run Run Shaw memorial event, some claimed that Chau Sun and Chi Ching had zero exchange and seemed that nothing was settled. Yesterday Chau Sun suddenly changed his tune online. "Chi Ching and I aren't deadly enemies. It was about the matter and not the people before, now it has come to an end."

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