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Jaycee Chan (left) organizes a series of birthday parties for Jackie Chan

Timmy Hung and Janet Chow host a birthday party for TJ
Eddie Peng
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Jackie Chan will turn 60 on April 7. His son Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) online announced that he will go to Beijing and Shanghai from April 6 to 10 for a series of birthday parties, the themes of which will be harmony, peace and love. The events will include concerts and fan meetings, Shanghai Jackie Chan film museum unveiling. Fans will only have to be responsible for their visa and flights. Jackie Chan will be responsible for the room and board, meals and transportation in Beijing and Shanghai.

Jackie Chan was grateful that his son's planning of the birthday party. "Thank you Mr. Fong, I am very touched and very surprised! My son is filial and understands my wish so well. I look forward to seeing my fans from around the world. Fans, see you on April 6 in Beijing and Shanghai! Kiss Kiss!"

Tomorrow will be Sammo Hung Kam Bo's grandson TJ Hung's first birthday. Timmy Hung Tin Ming and Janet Chow Ka Wai yesterday held a birthday party for him in Ocean Park. Hung Kam Bo was unable to attend because his horse was racing in Sha Tin.

His horse won with a final time of 55.86 seconds and brought Hung Kam Bo 2.394 million. Hung Kam Bo was very excited as he invited Eddie Peng Yu-Yen to the winner circle. "My horse always loses at big races. Its health is very worrying. This time with its victory I feel both nervous and excited. That's a lot of money, but the most memorable is the winner's circle photo. What a honor!"

Some said that TJ was very lucky for Grandpa. Hung Kam Bo happily said, "It's pretty good! Big Lai See for the New Year? It doesn't have to be for the New Year, I would give everything to him!" Has he given any horse advice to Peng Yu-Yen? Hung Kam Bo said, "Absolutely not, don't drag him in." Peng Yu-Yen was asked if he would bet in support of Hung Kam Bo next time. He said, "As long as Big Brother's horse wins it's great!"

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