Sunday, January 19, 2014


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Anthony Wong Chau Sun lately has been busy with the PAG incident, but he still was focused on his new film production. This time he worked with Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin. He even attentively taught her acting. Two nights ago Chau Sun, Ah Sa and Wong Yau Nam worked in a Sai Wan Ho cafe. In the scene Yau Nam looked inside the cafe with a bucket of Chupa Chups from the tram tracks, perhaps waiting for Ah Sa. Ah Sa was mopping. Maybe normally Ah Sa rarely did chores, her mopping did not meet the director's requirement as she had several bad takes. Originally having a pineapple bun, Chau Sun volunteered to instruct Ah Sa how to mop the floor. After that the director accepted the take. Ah Sa with Chau Sun as her co-star was much more at ease. On and off camera they both were very friendly, so the production has been very smooth.

Although the shoot took place late at night, it still attracted many onlookers. They even praised Chau Sun for being even taller and cooler in person.

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