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Kenneth Ma, Eliza Sam

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Liza Wang has always been one of Uncle Six's favorites
Adam Cheng rose to fame with TVB series and was very thankful for Uncle Six's cultivation
Past TVB general managers Law Chung Bing, Chan Hing Cheung, Cheng Kwan Lok, Ho Ting Kwun, Stephen Chan, Lee Bo On
Deborah Li and her husband pay their respects
Elaine Lok, Eric Tsang, Claudie Chung, Astrid Chan, Sarah Song and others pay their respects
12 TVB artists including Kenneth Ma, Astrid Chan and Jason Chan stand almost for the entire event
Ray Lui and his brother
Myolie Wu's cloak causes an awkward "hands free" moment with Aunt Six
Tavia Yeung
Maggie Cheung Ho Yi
Paula Tsui
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chua remember their late friend
Yau Ah Kwai, Joseph Koo
On Tak Chuen brings in Liu Kai Chi 
Nancy Sit, Ann Hui
Ng Man Tat and Mona Fong share a sentimental moment
Ron Ng
Mona Fong introduces Wu Fung to Shaw Wai Ming
Cheung Kwok Keung, Michelle Yim
Krystal Tin, Natalie Tong
Bosco Wong
Kate Tsui, Lin Xiawei
Niki Chow shakes hands with Shaw Wai Ming and offers her condolences
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"Uncle Six" Sir Run Run Shaw built a television kingdom and led TVB to firmly stand atop the dragon head spot for over 40 years. It also became the cradle for film and television on and off camera elite. Employees who once worked with Uncle Six yesterday attended the memorial event to bid him farewell for the final time. When Liza Wang Ming Chuen saw Uncle Six's photo her eyes were all red. Many former TVB general managers who worked with Uncle Six in the past also attended.

Yesterday many former general managers attended the memorial event, including Law Chung Bing of the earlier period (now TVB non executive director), Chan Hing Cheung, Cheng Kwan Lok, Ho Ting Kwun and Stephen Chan Chi Wun. Currently general manager Lee Bo On was busy greeting guests as well.

Wang Ming Chuen has always been close to Uncle Six. Yesterday she attended in mourning wear. "Originally my mood was very peaceful, but when I saw Uncle Six's photo I missed him and held back tears. Uncle Six led TVB for over 40 years. In the past I would see him at all the major events, I especially miss him. Uncle Six was very kind, friendly; he formed Shaw and TVB, which gave a start and cultivated many talent."

Adam Cheng Siu Chau praised Uncle Six as a film and television great. His foresight brought Hong Kong film and television to the world as Hong Kong became the Eastern Hollywood. He deserved the most credit. "Uncle Six is a role model for people to worship and learn from".

TVB arranged for 12 artists to greet guests at the memorial event, including Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming, Astrid Chan Chi Ching, Jacqueline Wong Sum Wing, Marcus Kwok Tin Chun, Penny Chan Kwok Fung, Jack Wu Lok Yin, Sarah Song Xi Nian, Janis Chan Bui Yi, Benjamin Yuen Wai Ho, Cindy Lee Si Nga, Jason Chan Chi San and Jennifer Shum Hung Yin. Chan Chi Ching and Ma Kwok Ming stood for almost the entire event. Artists including Wu Fung, Fala Chen, Michelle Yim (Mai Suet), Cheung Kwok Keung, Kate Tsui Tsz Shan, Krystal Tin Yui Nei, Niki Chow Lai Kei, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Nancy Sit Ka Yin, Tavia Yeung Yi and Bosco Wong Chung Chak attended as well.

Eric Tsang Chi Wai and the Performing Artist Guild members attended, as well as Paula Tsui Siu Fung, Joseph Koo Ka Fai, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chua (Choi Wo Ping), Ray Lui Leung Wai and Ng Man Tat. HKTV artists Liu Kai Chi and Maggie Cheung Ho Yi, Deborah Li and her husband Mustache Kong attended. Lai Goo embraced Aunt Six to comfort her and waved goodbye to Uncle Six's photo. Aunt Six shook hands with attending artists in appreciation. Myolie Wu Hung Yi had a little awkward moment with her cloak. Because she hid her hands in the cloak, after she bowed Aunt Six approached and she could extend her hand in time for a handshake. Aunt Six could only put her hands together in appreciation and she could only awkwardly bow in return.

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