Thursday, January 23, 2014


Director Lee Po Cheung (left) instructs as Anthony Wong, Wong Yau Nam listen and eat
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The new film DAI CHA FAN two nights ago shot on location in Tai Hang. Actors Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Wong Yau Nam arrived early to prepare. Around 2AM, Yau Nam had to drive a car that a truck ran into then he was attacked. When the team was all ready, the truck suddenly stalled. The team was forced to halt production. Director Lee Po Cheung threw a tantrum as the crew divided up to solve the problem.

Chau Sun to ease the tension immediately treated everyone to dessert out of his own pocket. Soon, the crew called for another truck and resumed the production. During the crash scene, the team arranged for a double to perform in place of Yau Nam. He only needed to sit inside the vehicle for the close up shots. In addition, Chau Sun was rather popular on the set as female workers kept asking him for photos. Chau Sun did not turn anyone away, in a decent mood he immediately took the mobile phone for selfie with the crew.

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