Friday, January 17, 2014


Chief Executive C.Y.  Leung

Tracy Chu, Grace Chan, Moon Lau, Tammy Ouyang
Jojo Cho and her family
Sibelle Hu
Stephen Chan
ATV's Yip Ka Bo
Strange masked man was on his knees until workers helped him up and guided him out
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Jojo Cho brings her husband and daughter to remember Uncle Six together
Aunt Six personally greets Chief Secretary for Adminstration Carrie Lam
Casino King's third wife Ina Chan
Casino King's fourth wife Angela Leong
Selina Chow
Shelley Lee, Anson Chan
Food and Health Secretary Ho Wing Man
Former Chief Executive Donald Tsang
Education Secretary Eddie Ng
Arthur Li, David Li
Cecil Chao
Lawrence Yu
Pak Wan Kam, Tse Wai Chun
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Uncle Six did a lot of charity work in his life and contributed a lot to the Mainland. He even won the respect of politicians, business people and the film and television industries. Thus yesterday many friends from different walks of life gathered at the memorial event and saluted Uncle Six; even casino king Stanley Ho Hung Sun's third wife Ina Chan Un Chun and fourth wife Angela Leong On Ki arrived separately. The Chief Secretary for Administration Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet Ngor, current Special Administration Region government officials Eddie Ng Hak Kim and Ko Wing Man, and former Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam Kuen, former Chief Secretaries for Administration Anson Chan Fang On Sang and Selina Chow Liang Suk Yee, Lam Woon Kwong and others. Rumored to be in a divorce storm Pak Wan Kam and Tse Wai Chun also attended. From the business world David Li Kwok Bo, Arthur Li Kwok Cheung, Cecil Chao Sze Tsung and others also attended to salute Uncle Six. Known as Uncle Six's goddaughter, Jojo Cho Chung also brought her husband and daughter.

Cho Chung earlier attended the "family funeral" at Aunt Six's invitation. Yesterday she even brought her daughter and husband to the memorial event. Cho Chung after bowing to Uncle Six chatted with Aunt Six for awhile. Then she said that she just returned from a political consultative conference in Zhejiang. She brought her daughter because Uncle and Aunt Six both loved her daughter very much; she remembered that soon after she gave birth, Uncle and Aunt Six came to visit right away. She even visited that Uncle Six was someone who was always on time. From him she learned to be on time.

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