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Karena Ng, Vincent Kok
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Karena Ng Chin Yu two nights ago attended an audience appreciation event for HELLO BABIES (LUK FUK HEI SI). Some of the film's shows had front rows that were sold already, as the film came under box office inflation suspicion. She said, "I can only do what an actor should, I hope more people would support Hong Kong comedy and for the film to be good box office. I am not sure about anything else." Raymond Lam Fung guest starred in the film, but because he was busy with a series Ng Chin Yu did not know if she would watch the film with him.

Lam Fung revealed that he has already bought a practical Valentine's Day gift to his girlfriend. Ng Chin Yu sweetly said, "I haven't prepared, which puts me under the gun. Luckily I still have several days to think about what to give. Lam Fung is too rich and has everything? Then this is a problem. Would I cook for him? After we are done it's done. I hope the gift I give can be kept." Lam Fung said that he would not pay his girlfriend's family a Lunar New Year visit. He would only call. Ng Chin Yu said, "My parents may not be in Hong Kong, calling elders with New Year greetings are OK too."

Earlier Ng Kwan Yu pointed out that the film had a lot of product placement. Vincent Kok Tak Siu said, "Product placement is real, do you think I want to? If I am as rich as KwanYu then it's fine. I too want to make 89 out of 90 minutes. Even Feng Xiaogang's AFTERSHOCK had life insurance product placement. Everyone would understand."

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