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The 58 year old martial art star Gordon Liu (Lau Ka Fai) became hemiplegic after a stroke in August 2011, after therapy his physical condition improved. To welcome the Year of the Horse, yesterday Lau Ka Fai with friend Fan Yik Man went to a star hair salon for a hair cut. In his over HK$10,000 wheel chair he looked great. With Lau Ka Fai's hemiplegia on the left side of his body, immobility was his biggest setback. During the period he had family disputes, the lawsuit over money last year with his assistant also affected his mood. Luckily he had good friends around him to encourage and take care of him, helping him speed up his recovery.

Yesterday around 2PM, Lau Ka Fai was enjoying tea at a restaurant with Fan Yik Man and several friends. Due to his immobility he had to sit in a wheelchair. The restaurant made room for wheel chair accessibility. Lau Ka Fai appeared to have a great appetite as he had a variety of dim sum in front of him. His caretaker fed him. He bit big bites and enjoyed the food, because roast duck leg pieces were stuck to his teeth he was a little frustrated. Later everyone cheered him up and he finally flashed a smile.

After tea he went to a hair salon for a hair cut with 4 people. Lau Ka Fai received the VIP treatment, as a hairstyle cut his hair in his wheelchair. Lau Ka Fai spent a hour there. When he left Fan Yik Man fixed his clothes to keep him from catching a cold. After cutting his hair he looked much better. He even had a soft drink and rather enjoyed it. Fan Yik Man and friend took Lau Ka Fai around the shopping center for awhile then left.

Fan Yik Man said that since yesterday war warm she took Lau Ka Fai out, he was especially happy after his hair cut when everyone praised how handsome he was. She hired a personal nurse for Lau Ka Fai to take care of his meals and said that in the past several months he was moodier and thus needed special care, otherwise he would have poor appetite and insomnia from being upset and his health would have been affected. The most troubling for Lau Ka Fai was the lawsuit with his former assistant. Because the lawyer had to report to him the case progress, he was very certain about his financial trouble. Since treatment required money, he was very worried that he would run out of money. As for Lau Ka Fai's Central property sale, he said, "This was Brother Ka Fai's own decision, it is being handled now. Therapy and life quality are very important to his recovery progress, every cent is spent on him."

Lau Ka Fai's wheelchair was made from Titanium alloy, which made movement even smoother and cost over HK$10,000. Fan Yik Man said that due to Lau Ka Fai's height, a normal wheel chair would cramp up his legs and he would not be able to sit for a long time. He would also lean and his body naturally would slouch. His new wheel chair was tailored, when he sat he could sit up straight and he felt even better. She revealed that during the Lunar New Year she would pay Lau Ka Fai a visit at the nursing home. Many friends like Wong Hei showed their concern, with a nurse's attentive care he would not be lonely.

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