Thursday, January 23, 2014


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The all new 3D dance film STEP ACTION (MO HUP) yesterday held a press conference, but Jordan Chan who played a choreographer in the film was absent at the last minute. The film's chief choreographer Sunny Wong believed that Siu Chun's dancing did not get rusty and has already designed a few major dance scenes for Siu Chun. Although MO HUP like the earlier hit THE WAY WE DANCE (KONG MO PAI) both were about dance, Sunny Wong pointed out that the films were different. MO HUP was not limited to street dance but also had other dance styles like Jazz and Hip Hop. He revealed that the film will shoot in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He was selecting over 100 suitable actors in all three places.

Siu Chun's manager was asked about Siu Chun's absence. She said that the film's investment came from the Mainland and she only knew one of them. She admitted that they have not received any script, as they were only in negotiation stages. Siu Chun's management company has not agreed to make the film for Siu Chun. "I didn't know about the press conference today, I only know that at the end of next month there will be an event, but Siu Chun's work schedule will be in conflict and we have already said that we won't be able to go!"

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