Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Angelina Zhang's husband Mark Wu directs HONG KONG UNDERCOVER COP but she is banned from its promotion
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Angelina Zhang (Cheung Woon Nga) last night suddenly stated online that the film company China 3D Digital has prohibited her from attending any promotion of the film HONG KONG UNDERCOVER COP (MAN LUNG DUT GWING). The film company boss Stephen Shiu Jr. also stated that due to Cheung Woon Nga's earlier nude photo scandal, viewers could easily mistake the film for a sex film. He also did not want the promotional focus to be on this guest star. The statement also said that Cheung Woon Nga often claimed to be DUE WEST: OUR SEX JOURNEY (YUT LO HEUNG SAI)'s lead actress but she only participated in the shoot for one day. He hoped that she would clarify with clients to avoid any misunderstanding and legal responsibility.

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