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The Hong Kong Performing Artist Guild originally held an election for a new president to replace the already resigned Eric Tsang Chi Wai last week, but because Anthony Wong Chau Sun brought a group of artist to join the Guild and vote instantly Executive Secretary Astrid Chan Chi Ching turned them away and caused a storm; after a week of interactive exchanges the tension has eased. Chau Sun said that he and Chan Chi Ching were not sworn enemies. Yesterday the Guild also issued a statement. "THE PAG meeting that was originally scheduled for the 21st has already applied for postponement to February 14 with its lawyers and members. Because of the required 21 work days after the adjournment to inform members and the New Spring holiday, the meeting has been delayed to February 14. For assistance please contact the Guild Secretary office." However, yesterday reportedly some existing members were concerned that Chau Sun might not focus on fighting for benefits for older actors and thus planned to vote for Maria Cordero; if Fat Ma runs, Chau Sun would not have an easy campaign.

Chau Sun said that he did not receive any official notice about the election day postponement, he only heard about it. He said that he would only do his best and leave it to fate, as he would take the initiative to run again. He said, "The fact is I really haven't had any unpleasant experience, I hope to welcome the Year of the Horse in harmony. Very soon the dust will settle on everything soon." Since no one notified him, would he feel disrespected? Chau Sun said that was no longer important, he only had to answer to the dozen or so members.

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