Tuesday, January 21, 2014


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Stephanie Che Yuen Yuen in the Yik Shu novel film adaptation A COMPLICATED STORY (YUT GOR FOOK JAP DIK GOO SI) played a money grubbing lawyer. In one scene Yuen Yuen crossed a mob wife and took a beating. For her first action scene, because she was too thin and the action actors were very strong half her body was bruised.

Che Yuen Yuen shot her first action scene, in the story she crossed the Cherrie Ying Choi Yi played mob wife and was beaten off her feet. Although she had straw mattresses, after the scene Yuen Yuen discovered that she was bruised on half her body because the action actors were very strong and she was too thin. However she joked that she has never made any action scene, she never expected her first time would be in a romantic film.

After the film was released, viewers and the media had nothing but praise for Yuen Yuen. Producer Yik Shun also praised her and said that she should act more to wash away her "fortune teller" image. Yuen Yuen said that she has known Jacky Cheung Hok Yau for years, all the singers wanted to work with him. She too has waited for years, but she never thought that she would be able to fulfill this dream in a film. During this collaboration, Yuen Yuen learned from Hok Yau what professionalism and completion were. She told Hok Yau that he should act more, otherwise it would be a waste. She also felt that Hok Yau's image has always been serious, but actually he was very suitable for comedy. She said that even in a serious role he was still very funny.

Newlywed Yuen Yuen showed her husband her performance. He felt that her performance showed her other side that even he has not seen. He felt it was very refreshing. She even received her husband's support to continue making movies and try different characters. She said, "I want to too, but if he has an intimate scene with other actors, he would pout and say no."

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