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Law Kar Ying calls Wu Ma a mentor
Alex Fong Chung Shun reveals Wu Ma has left two properties to his daughter
Richard Cheung just visited Xiamen with Wu Ma
Wu Ma, Ma Yin and their daughter
Leslie Cheung and Wu Ma in CHINESE GHOST STORY, which won Wu Ma the Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actor

Mang Hoi and Wu Ma have worked together for years
Rainie Yang worked with Wu Ma before
Wu Ma fainted at home and was sent to the hospital
Wai Ying Hung
Annie Liu remembers Wu Ma's kindness
Wong Jing
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Wu Ma is a hero who his wife Ma Yin can be proud of.
Wu Ma and Wang Yuk Wan were together for 10 years
Wu Ma won the 2012 Shanghai Film Festival Best Actor with THE PAINTER
Wu Ma loved to meet with friends at tea and chat
Wu Ma joined Shaw in his youth and looked like an educated young man
Wu Ma and Yuen Wah started around the same time and were as close as brothers
Wu Ma worked with Law Kar Ying and Lam Wai (back second left) on a series and built a lasting friendship
Cherrie Ying remembers Wu Ma's cooking from when they worked together on DA BU FANG
Susan Shaw posts a photo with Wu Ma at tea.
From back left: Leung Siu Lung, Susan Shaw, Yu Yeung, Pai Piao and others
Wu Ma's DA SHANGHAI 1931 performance becomes his swan song
A banner of "in memory of Wu Ma" was hang on the set when the production resumed
The cast and crew of Wu Ma's final television series DA SHANGHAI 1931 lit candles to remember him
Wu Ma and Vicki Zhao in 14 BLADES
In BELOW THE LION ROCK, Eason Chan and Wu Ma play father and son
Wu Ma just promoted the film FIGHTING last month
Wu Ma's FOX LEGEND costume stands out
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Famous veteran actor Wu Ma (originally named Fung Won Yuen) yesterday passed away at home from cancer at age 71. Wu Ma's lung cancer spread 10 months ago. He gave up chemotherapy as he chose to enjoy work and life with his remaining time. It was as if he transformed into A CHINESE GHOST STORY (SIN NUI YAU WON)'s Yin Chek Hsia, singing and wielding a sword in a storm as he completed his journey in life. Wu Ma and his wife Ma Yin have a daughter who is now in her teens. Widow Ma Yin hoped to give her husband Wu Ma a glorious funeral to send him on his final journey. Wu Man's old flame Wong Yuk Wan remembered the good in him. Although she was not at liberty to appear at the funeral, everything remained in her heart.

Wu Ma was in film and television for over half a century as his work numbered in the hundreds. Aside from memorable characters, he was an absolutely good guy in the business. He respected his profession, was easy going and helpful to younger generations. Film professionals Richard Cheung Kuen, Lam Wai and Wu Ma's friends are busy with his funeral arrangement. Cheung Kuen said yesterday morning when he received Ti Lung's call and thought that Wu Ma's passing was sudden. Months ago they were still meeting for tea. Before the Lunar New Year he even went with Wu Ma and his family to Xiamen for a 5 day vacation.

Cheung Kuen and Wu Ma were friends for over 40 years and praised him as the number one nice guy who never got mad. They stayed in touch. Cheung Kuen said that Wu Ma about a year ago learned about his lung cancer and was always optimistic. He never thought that he was a patient, his friends did not either as everyone rarely mentioned his illness. Wu Ma stayed in a great shape, full of energy, he could sleep and eat so the news of his passing yesterday morning was very surprising.

As for Wu Man's funeral, Cheung Kuen said that a group of friends have been in discussion about it. Lam Wai will take charge. Cheung Kuen yesterday spoke with Wu Ma's widow. For Wu Ma's funeral, her intention was for a respectable final memorial. Would Wu Ma's surviving family members have financial issues? Cheung Kuen said that Wu Ma in recent years worked a lot in the Mainland, financially he had no problem. After his diagnosis he also was mentally prepared and put his affairs in order for his family. Cheung Kuen said that although Wu Ma's wife was prepared mentally due to her husband's illness, loving a beloved was very difficult. Thus they would let her rest and calm herself before talking about Wu Ma's funeral arrangements. Today Cheung Kuen would meet a few friends to discuss preparation first. Wu Ma once immigrated to the Mainland years ago, in recent years he already moved back to live in Hong Kong; in December 1994 he wed Ma Yin in Beijing.

Yesterday Wu Man's old flame Wang Yuk Wan was with him in the 80s. After 10 years they broke up. Wang Yuk Wan said that the news of Wu Ma's passing was very sudden. They have not have contact in a long time. She said that her relationship with Wu Ma was already over 20 years ago. Over ten years ago they had contact once. When she learned that his daughter was only a teenager, she felt very sorry. Would Wang Yuk Wan attend Wu Ma's funeral? She said that she did not feel at liberty to, after all he already had a wife and a daughter. She said that Wu Ma was a nice guy, very talented, his acting was even top notch.

Wu Ma kept his cancer a secret, last year he was falsely rumored to have died. At the time when reporters called him, he said that he was in great spirits and had no problem. He even wanted to meet for tea.

Wu Ma was known for his loyalty in show business, thus he had many friends of ten years or more. Yuen Wah, Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Susan Shaw Yam Yam lamented their good friend's passing. Wong Chau Sun lamented, "Another good horse has left show business."

Wong Chau Sun said that he worked with Wu Ma many times, but the most memorable was HOUSE OF FURY (JING MO GA TING). He lamented, "Just stepping into the Year of the Horse show business lost a good horse, there is nothing that can be done about getting old."

Started at the same time as Wu Ma and worked together many times, Yuen Wah lost a good brother. He said that perhaps a month ago when they had tea he did not sense that his condition has worsen. He even thought that he was gradually cured. Thus yesterday's bad news was not a fact that he could accept. He got choked up as he said, "Another good friend of mine has left. It was so sudden, how can I accept it?"

Law Kar Ying was in Japan but still distributed the news of Wu Ma's passing for Wu Ma's widow over text message. Brother Kar Ying praised this late friend online. "Wu Ma lived a colorful life. In the film industry he never abandoned his art, artistic ethics, how he treated people. In the industry everyone sang his praises and gave him a big thumbs up. He was from the first Shaw Southern Nation training class, so I called him a mentor. My last film with him was CITY HUNTER that was made in March last year. Mentor Wu Ma have a safe journey."

Shaw Yam Yam also posted a photo with Wu Man and other friends from Shaw at tea. "Big Brother Wu Ma has returned to the earth. 72 plus 3. Miss you forever. Lifelong loyalty to film. Have a safe journey!"

Wong Jing said, "Wu Man San have a safe journey. With outstanding acting, a low key happy person who had to buy the full course win at the track. Miss you."

Aaron Kwok Fu Sing said, "The news is too sudden. My first film CLOSE ESCAPE (FEI YUET NGAI CHEUNG) was already a collaboration with Wu Ma. At the time he taught me a lot. He was an elder with a lot of substance and outstanding acting. His passing was a loss to the China film industry, I wish him a safe journey."

Having worked with Wu Ma on DA BU FANG, Cherrie Ying Choi Yi missed Wu Ma's cooking display on the set the most. She wrote,"That day, Wu Ah Song cooked garlic beef for us, lovable Wu Ah Song."

Taiwan artist Julian Chen worked with Wu Ma many times. He posted a photo with Wu Ma online. "Brother Ma I will always remember your attentive advice for me. It was great to have known you, have a safe journey."

"Seven Little Fortunes" Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung Kam Bo both let out a long sigh. Jackie Chan was so heart broken that he declined to talk more, while Sammo revealed that they often saw each other on past film sets. Even when they were working on different films they would still visit each other's visits across the studio. Each time they saw each other they would not stop their trash talking, but everything can only be a memory now. Did he know about Wu Ma's health condition? Sammo said, "He couldn't be better, only half a year ago I learned that he had this problem. However he was very optimistic and thought it was nothing. I hope Wu Ma rest in peace!"

Mang Hoi has been working on a Mainland series with Wu Ma. He said that he knew that he was ill and urged him to retire. He insisted on working. "Perhaps before the Lunar New Year he caught a chill while working in the Mainland. Originally on the Lunar New Year's Day he was supposed to meet with friends for tea but I didn't see him. When I received his family's notice of his passing, I felt very upset." Mang Hoi also pointed out that Wu Ma absolutely had no financial issue and even said that he would assist the family with his friend's funeral. Ken Low Wai Kwong who worked with Wu Ma on CIRCUS KIDS (MA HEI SIU JI) said that they have known each other for over 20 years. "I was very surprised to hear that. Originally I was supposed to meet Wu Ma for tea during the Lunar New Year, but he didn't show up."

Wai Ying Hung said, "I was very surprised when I heard the news. Wu Ma was my benefactor. Back then he saw me dance and then introduced me to make a Chang Cheh directed film. He was very nice, in over 30 years that I have known him I have never seen him get mad."

Rainie Yang (Yeung Sing Lam) said, "I am truly very upset, very upset......Big Brother Wu Man, your warmth will always stay in my heart......"

Ching Siu Tung said, "We worked together on the CHINESE GHOST STORY series. Back then he was the director, but during the shoot he didn't act like one. He left it up to you to direct him."

Lu Yi said, "When I heard the news, I was very shocked and upset. We just saw each other last month and even promoted together. Our just finished new film has yet to be released, but you have already left......Wu Ma, a teacher who is worthy of respect."

Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) said, "We worked together on the series THE TASTE OF HAPPINESS, in it he played my grandfather. Grandpa was very kind and really took care of actors. I was very honored to have worked with this elder."

Veteran actor Wu Ma in the past 10 years became a hot property in the Mainland. The passing of the "Green Leaf King" was truly a loss to show business. His final television series DA SHANGHAI 1931. Yesterday the team returned to work after the holiday. Originally Wu Ma had to return to the shoot as well, unfortunately he passed away. Wu Ma 20 days ago just completed the shoot with the team and prepared for the New Year. The team never expected for him to pass away when work resumed, thus the team yesterday held a special memorial event on the set. The crew all lit candles in his memory.

Screen writer Huang Bin lamented that the series became Wu Ma's show business swan song. Everyone wished for him to have a safe journey.

Wu Ma at the end of last month promoted the film FIGHTING with Peter Ho Yun Tung and Lu Yi. The film was also Wu Ma's final film. Yesterday the film issued an eulogy. The entire team was heartbroken over Wu Ma's passing. The team saluted, respected and appreciated his conviction and respect for his performance and even praised him as a kind father and an ordinary hero.

Actor Ho Yun Tung revealed he just saw Wu Ma at the promotion last month. At the time Wu Ma was laughing and chatting. He did not appear to be ill. They even talked about ordering down jackets. He described Wu Ma as good-natured and having a great memory. He also cared about the team. He lamented, "He would go to a very happy place, he wouldn't suffer."

Wu Ma participated in many memorable films and had many classic characters. Aside from A CHINESE GHOST STORY's Yin Chek Hsia. His dominating Taoist priests and ghost catching masters are his strong suits. Wu Ma over 10 years ago moved to make Mainland television series. In Hong Kong he rarely participated in television. In 2006 he worked on a Radio and Television Hong Kong production BELOW THE LION ROCK 40TH ANNIVERSARY, playing Eason Chan Yik Shun's father with Parkinson's disease.

In THE SWORDSMAN (SIU NGO GONG WU) Wu Ma played Shun Fung Hall master Lau Ching Fung, who made a connection with a cult member over music as they wrote SMILING AND PROUD WORLD.

Wu Ma was born in May 28, 1942. In 1987 he with A CHINESE GHOST STORY's Yin Chek Hsia won the 24th Golden Horse Award Best Supporting Actor. In 2012 with THE PAINTER he won the Shanghai International Film Festival Media Award's Best Actor. Born in Tianjin, Wu Ma immigrated to Hong Kong in 1959. Then he became a graduate of the first Shaw Film Company Southern Nation Experimental Drama Troupe, since then he began his show business career.

In 1965, Wu Ma rose to fame with the film LADY GENERAL HUA MULAN. Then he was an assistant director in many films like THE WANDERING SWORDMAN (YAU HUP YI). Later he even directed the film WRATH OF THE SWORD (LO GIM KONG DOH) and officially became a director.

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