Monday, February 24, 2014


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Ivana Wong, Ronald Cheng and his wife Sammie Yu
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Ivana Wong Yuen Chi with the Lunar New Year film GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS (GUM GAI SSS) rose in popularity and even uncovered her romance with toy making celebrity Eric So. A magazine claimed that they began to live together in Kowloon City. She has been so clingy that her boyfriend has begun to complain. Wong Yuen Chi two nights ago at an audience appreciation event was asked about the report. She twice asked Ronald Cheng Chung Kei for help.

The magazine claimed that she had a tight "grip" on her boyfriend. Wong Yuen Chi said, "I don't know how to answer these questions. Are we living together? Occasionally, it depends on if we are free because we both are very busy." Speaking of the magazine's claim that she was too clingy, Wong Yuen Chi said, "No, my hand was obviously pushing the supermarket cart in the photo. Why don't Cheng Chung Kei say something." Did she feel that he was a target for marriage? Wong Yuen Chi said that each time she dated she hoped it would blossom. Has her boyfriend already proposed? Wong Yuen Chi said, "Wow! With subject like these, Elder (Cheng Chung Kei) please help!" Cheng Chung Kei joked, "I don't live with you, but I still have to help as we have to go in. I hope the talk would stop."

Speaking of with GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS soon breaking 40 million at the box office actors will get bonuses, Cheng Chung Kei said, "They are the ones who will get a share, I am OK with just dinner. (Sandra) Ng Kwan Yu is interested in making GOLDEN DUCK? I would make it, as well as (Louis) Koo Tin Lok as 'Diamond Duck'. However it probably won't be in production so soon."

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