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DaDa Chan continues to work despite her injury
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DaDa Chan Jing yesterday went to work with Z STORM (Z FUNG BO) despite her injury. Earlier at a party she injured her head and needed 13 stitches. Thus at work she covered up the wound with cotton and tape.

DaDa and Louis Koo Tin Lok yesterday worked on a car chase in Wu Kau Tang, Tai Po in the cold. DaDa said in the back of a car. During the chase she was rocked back and forth. For different angles it was shot 5 to 6 times, but DaDa never complained.

DaDa was not afraid of the car chase. Her forehead wound was already fine and no longer hurt. She said, "My friend was hurt even worse. Not only did she lose her teeth but also her insurance claim. I didn't ask to reduce dangerous scenes. Later I will still have a chase scene to shoot." Bruised all over before the Lunar 15th, DaDa said that luck was right over her head. DaDa worked with Koo Tin Lok for the first time and praised how nice he was. He even asked about her injury. Goo Jai was a hot property in town, would she take more initiative? DaDa said, "I would take more initiative with acting, I wouldn't think about anything else too much."

In the film Koo Tin Lok had to protect DaDa. During the shoot would she take special care of her? Goo Jai joked, "DaDa is amazing, her head would make someone lose a tooth!" Nominated for a Hong Kong Film Award with THE WHITE STORM (SO DUK), he continued, "The nomination is already a recognition. I have confidence in all the other nominees, I can only participate like I would normally." Speaking of the rumored GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS (GUM GAI SSS) extra long version release, Koo Tin Lok revealed that the Wyman Wong Wai Man's Japanese custom comedy segment was extended so he had no part. In addition he would be busy with Z STORM so he had no time. He said that he has not have the time to watch GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS yet. Should producer and lead actress Sandra Ng Kwan Yu celebrate the box office success with everyone? He said, "She should host a celebration for the team, but I am working on a movie. Lately I am very busy."

Playing Koo Tin Lok's subordinate, Deon Cheung Chung Chi revealed that after a break for the Lunar New Year in Hong Kong he continued his film work. When asked if he was a film actor now, he said that for now he only took this one. Of course he would not let any performance opportunity go. No matter good or evil characters, he felt that they were just as able to have a lot of potential.

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