Tuesday, February 11, 2014


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Nick Cheung asks Claudie Chung for help and they click right away
Claudie Chung and Kelly Chen are like a family
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai since leaving Emperor has received many film company and management company's offers; however, Cheung Ka Fai would rather give up substantial salary. He admired Kelly Chen Wai Lam's manager Claudie Chung Chun very much and felt that Chung Chun who started in film had unique insight and very close relationships with her artists. Thus he suggested to work with her and they immediately agreed. Cheung Ka Fai thus became Chen Wai Lam and Cherie Chung Chor Hung's junior colleague.

Cheung Ka Fai said that he used to see Chung Chun's name in movies all the time and already wanted to work with her very much. One year he met her for the first time in Cannes, originally he wanted to speak up but was afraid it would be awkward. The next several times they met he still did not dare to mention it; then recently he was very busy at work. A relative suggested for him to ask Chung Chun for help, which reminded him of his past idea. Thus he mustered up the courage to see her. Cheung Ka Fai felt that Chung Chun's abilities in film and artist management could be seen. He had quite a sense of security with her and they trusted each other. He hoped that she could help him with work and reduce his pressure so he could focus on acting.

Chung Chun also pointed out that Cheung Ka Fai was already very popular. He already had great show business performance. Working with him had certain pressure and she hoped to be able to share his workload. As the senior colleague Chen Wai Lam welcomed Cheung Ka Fai into their big family. They already met at the company spring banquet and even exchanged Lai See. They even shared parenthood tips and got along harmoniously.

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