Thursday, February 13, 2014


Fat Gor says that revealing Donnie Yen's temper on the set is just for promotion
Mainland media feels Donnie Yen is the best Sun Wukong
Under Fat Gor's order, Aaron Kwok has to donate his cash prize too
Hai Yitian
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THE MONKEY KING (SAI YAU GEI ji DAI LAU TIN GUNG) two nights ago held a celebration, Chow Yun Fat earlier claimed that Donnie Yen Chi Tan threw a tantrum on the set and led to speculation of dispute between them. Speaking of the ideal box office performance, Fat Gor thanked investors as well as Yen Chi Tan. Yen Chi Tan said, "Fat Gor doesn't have to thank me, I am afraid reporters would make something else up." Fat Gor said, "The film has to be talked about, our speculation brought back 1 billion. Actually Yen Chi Tan is very nice, on the set he takes great care of everyone." Fat Gor switched his target and revealed that Aaron Kwok Fu Sing loved to talk. "Off stage he kept talking in my ear, he already told several stories!"

Fat Gor and Sing Sing won HK$1,000 and 5,400 cash prizes in the lucky drawing, but they donated them back to be redrawn. The woman who won the HK$1,000 only worried about taking a photo with Fat Gor. Fat Gor joked, "How can this photo be worth just HK$1,000?"

Mainland star Hai Yitian received many online praises for his outstanding performance. He hoped to have a chance to participate in the sequel.

Hai Yitian also revealed that he is working on the Tsui Hark directed TRACKS IN THE SNOWY FOREST (JI CHUI WAI FU SAN). He said, "The only thing that I have to get used to is Director Tsui Hark's lack of a complete script. Sometimes he would on the set add to the shoot but that is acceptable."

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