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[2014.03.01] FAREWELL, WU MA!

Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung lead the pallbearers
Daughter Fung Chi Wai and widow Ma Yin carry the photo
Elliot Ngok, Jackie Chan, Stanley Tong, John Chiang
Sammo Hung, Ti Lung
Tian Ni, Chin Han, Ivy Ling
Eric Tsang
Jimmy Wang, Ko Chun-Hsiung
A letter from Wu Ma's daughter 
The widow's letter
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Wu Ma's friends are his pallbearers
Sammo Hung and his wife Joyce Godenzi comfort Wu Ma's wife
Elliot Ngok
Tian Ni, Chin Han, Ivy Ling
Jimmy Wang and Ko Chun-Hsiung make the trip from Taiwan
John Chiang and his wife Lee Lam Lam
Ti Lung, Chin Ping, Tao Man Ming, Dean Shek
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Famous veteran actor Wu Ma (originally named Fung Won Yuen) last month due to lung cancer passed away at age 71. Yesterday his funeral took place at the Universal Funeral Parlor. At the funeral, Elliot Ngok wah on behalf of Wu Ma's wife read a letter to Wu Ma.

Wu Ma's funeral took place yesterday at the Universal Funeral Parlor. Friends Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Ti Lung, Dean Shek Tin, Elliot Ngok Wa, John Chiang Dai Wai, Stanley Tong Kwai Lai were the pallbearers and represented the family as they shook hands with guests in appreciation. Industry insiders Chin Han and Ivy Ling Po, Tian Ni, Lam Wai, Yuen Biao, Lee Lam Lam, Mang Hoi, Jimmy Wang Yu and Ko Chun-Hsiung who both came from Taiwan attended to bid their friend farewell. The coffin was then transported to Fu Shan Crematorium.

Losing her husband, Wu Ma's wife was extremely sadden with her daughter. Aside from having Tian Ni riding in the hearse with her, after pressing the button to begin the cremation, Wu Ma's wife became even more emotional. When she left with Wu Ma's photo, tears overcame her. She and her daughter both wrote farewell letters that Ngok Wa read at the funeral. "To Wu Ma: the most loyal husband, the kindest father, Wu Ma my beloved!!! I never thought that I would have to bid farewell to you so soon......I miss you very, very much. I was lucky enough to accompany you for 20 springs and falls, 20 years that were filled with your warm love. You always said that you wanted the world to see me gray, yet why did you leave so soon......losing you, although I am living I may as well be dead. Tell me, will I see you again in Heaven or Earth? Daddy, you are strength. In the final moment of life you still came and went as you pleased. You are carefree, quietly with a smile you sat and passed away. It is hard to believe that you went like this......I will raise our daughter well, giving her all of your love. You can go in peace! Daughter and I will bring you home. Everything at home will remain for you, in my and our daughter's hearts you never's hard for me to let go in this lifetime! If the next life, if you are a high ranking official, then you will be your wife. If you are a beggar, then I will be a beggar's wife. Forever Wu Ma's wife......Fung Ma Yin"

Wu Ma's daughter Fung Chi Wai expressed how much she missed her father in her letter. "Daddy: do you still remember when I was little someone asked me if I like Papa or Mama more, my answer would always be Papa. Daddy, you have taken care of me for 15 years. You left before I was able to take care of you, but I will properly take care of Mama. I know you are watching us from Heaven, blessing us, you will always be my only Papa, I love you!"

Ngok Wa said that he has known Wu Ma for 51 years. "We met each other at the Southern Nation Training Class. He used to be a carefree horse, very free and without a care. After marriage he had a warm home and he turned into a tamed horse. He would take a bullet or two for friends, never caring about gains and losses. I would always miss this good friend." He said that Wu Ma is now with mentors Chang Chen and King Hu (Wu Kam Chuen), and buddy Lo Lieh talking about a new film script. Finally one day he will work with them again on the set.

Eric Tsang Chi Wai praised how great Wu Ma was to people and was the "King of Being Taken Advantage Of". As long as he could help he definitely would. He could easily resolve any tough cases. He never got mad, but he loved to smoke cheap cigarettes and drink the cheapest wine. He was a great role model. Chi Wai said, "The year before Wu Ma passed, his wife gave him special massage therapies everyday. Thus when he passed his body was warm, his face red and he went comfortable. Wu Ma never owned any property, but before his passing he was fully prepared as he bought a home for his wife and daughter. He made great arrangements."

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