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The Nicholas Tse and Chow Yun Fat FROM VEGAS TO MACAU team is a Mainland and Hong Kong hit
Chow Yun Fat rules the Heavenly King and the Lunar New Year box office
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Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Chow Yun Fat and Aaron Kwok Fu Sing starred in the film THE MONKEY KING (SAI YAU GEI ji DAI LAU TIN GUNG) after five and a half days in release in the Mainland exceeded 500 million RMB at the box office to become the fast film to pass the mark in China film history. It broke the Stephen Chow Sing Chi directed JOURNEY TO THE WEST: CONQUERING THE DEMONS (SAI YAU GONG MOR PIN)'s 500 million yuan in 6 days record. THE MONKEY KING in the Mainland and six other regions was released simultaneously. Its first weekend box office reached US$55 million to become last year's global single week highest grossing film. As of yesterday THE MONKEY KING made HK$800 million in the Mainland. Chow Yun Fat's other film FROM VEGAS TO MACAU (DOH SING FUNG WON) made over HK$200 million in the Mainland.

In Hong Kong, VEGAS as of the Lunar 6th (February 5th) made HK$23 million while MONKEY made almost HK$20 million. Between the two films' Mainland and Hong Kong box office yesterday, the seven day total has already broken HK$100 million mark.

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