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Wu Ma's pallbearers will include Jackie Chan, Ti Lung, Eric Tsang and John Chiang
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Famous veteran actor Wu Ma (originally named Fung Won Yuen) on the 4th passed away at home from cancer at age 71. His widow Ma Yin hoped that her husband's funeral would be glorious as he would be sent off on his final journey. The funeral services will begin on Thursday (the 27th) at the Universal Funeral Parlor with a ceremony that will be open to the public. All donations should be made to the CCH Medical Foundation.

Wu Ma was well liked. Yesterday the funeral committee announced the pallbearer list that included friends in the business like Jackie Chan, Shek Tin, John Chiang Dai Wai, Elliot Ngok Wa, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Ti Lung, Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Stanley Tong Kwai Lai. At the same time Wu Ma's birth date was corrected to September 27 1942 from May 28. He also in 2012 with the film THE PAINTER won the Shanghai Film Festival Chinese New Film Media Award Best Actor.

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