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Michelle Wai and Sandra Ng prepare to answer sharp questions
Luisa Lai and Anthony Wong
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The Lunar New Year GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS (GUM GAI SSS) leads Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Michelle Wai Si Nga two nights ago accepted an interview on the Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Luisa Lai Chi San program. Kwan Yu said, "I don't know about the program format and content. Normally I would ask about the interview, but this time I let it go because of Brother Chau Sun. He could ask whatever he wants. (Are you afraid that because you were too fussy with your past interviews with Wong Chau Sun that he would return the favor?) He would keep an eye on me and he wouldn't be like that. Now I am starting to repay GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS debts with the first guest. Soon you will see me in many guest starring roles and interviews. I just saw Chau Sun in a fur coat going to the kitchen to cook for me, I should support him."

Speaking of GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS' latest box office, Kwan Yu said that now it is over HK$30 million and hoped that after this week it would be 40 million. She already started working on the schedule with the special effect make up artist to fulfill her promise of wearing her fake chest again. As for letting anyone who wanted to feel it, Kwan Yu went back on her words, "You can send a representative to touch it. (Wasn't it for all the photos and all the touching people wanted?) Anyone could take a photo, but one person could touch it. (In other words your husband Peter Chan Ho Sun?) Choose someone I like to touch it, not him. Give me a few days to think about it. Let's talk in two days at the celebration."

Wai Si Nga admitted that before the program she already got the questions, which she thought were pretty sharp like "Who would you like to have a candle lit dinner with the most and the least". Kwan Yu heard and could not help but make fun of Wai Si Nga. "I knew they would ask this question, only pristine girls would feel it was sharp. I want to dine with a dozen (men), I often fantasize about 12 men together. (12 disciples for the Final Supper?) Jinx! They are just right for a table for an all men dinner. I should ask the film's guest stars."

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