Sunday, February 23, 2014


Chapman To's sincerity convinces Charlene Choi to take a pay cut
Ah Sa and Simon Yam will have daring scenes
The team in one of their many meetings

Chapman To Man Jat lately has been getting his hands on behind the scene work as he participated in films as a producers. He asked his friend Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin to shake off her shell and play a kept female reporter under Simon Yam Tat Wa's care. When she rescued a child prostitute in Thailand her complicated background was unveiled. Ah Sa in the film would have a lot of daring scenes. Her bed scene with Brother Wa would be controversial. Ah Jat admitted that he had to prepare Ah Sa fully for the role and boasted that he wanted her to win Best Actress!

This time Ah Jat retreated from the front line and did not participate in any role. He left all the decision making to director Herman Yau Lai To. This HK$10 million budget film CHOR GEI (CHILD PROSTITUTE) will start production next month, for now it will shoot in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Hong Kong. For days the team has been in a lot of meetings and table reads. As an Emperor artist, Ah Jat during casting called in all the favor and asked colleagues Ah Sa and Brother Wa to take pay cuts. As for how far their "romance" will go in the film, Ah Jat said, "No matter what there will be some daring and sexy performance, especially for Ah Sa. I believe that they will the biggest breakthrough in her film career, so we have a lot of preparation to make. I am responsible for her psychological counseling. (Are you fighting for her to win Best Actress? Participation in film festivals?) I won't eliminate such possibilities!"

Actually Ah Jat got the idea completely because earlier he invited Ah Sa and Fiona Sit Hoi Kei to make a commercial for Anti-Slavery Day. He even said, "At the time I feel such incidents actually happen all the time, so I want to write a script. Originally the team wants to shoot in Thailand first, but because the government there remains unstable now we are forced to shoot in Hong Kong first." Ah Jat even pointed out that he is fully confident in Yau Lai To, praising how well honed he is in handling socially controversial subjects and for "creating" classic characters in Prudence Liew Mei Kwan and Anthony Wong Chau Sun's film careers.

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