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Having made countless classic gambling films, director Wong Jing during the Lunar New Year made a comeback, with Chow Yun Fat, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Chapman To Man Jat in FROM VEGAS TO MACAU (DOH SING FUNG WON). To Man Jat said that when he learned that he could work with Fat Gor, he could not spit out an agreement fast enough even before reading the script. He even wanted to thank Nick Cheung Ka Fai. "I feel Cheung Ka Fai is funnier than me, but now he is not making comedy. Since he wouldn't it I would, otherwise I wouldn't even have money for rent!"

To Man Jat admired Cheung Ka Fai's THE CONMAN (DOH HUP 1999) character "Dragon". He felt it was very funny and was inspired to copy it exactly for laughs. "Fat Gor is a god, Ting Fung is handsome and cool, I of course am responsible for the comedy! If Cheung Ka Fai back then competed with (Andy) Lau Tak Wa he would be dead for sure. Isn't Cheung Ka Fai handsome? Aren't I handsome? However I am not as handsome as Ting Fung, so I am copying 'Dragon' exactly."

To Man Jat praised Ting Fung for being pretty good at comedy. Fat Gor gave his junior colleagues a lot of space to perform and his film industry survival guide. "Fat Gor told me not to be selective with movies, then I could keep on working. In the past at his peak he also didn't choose movies to make!" To Man Jat on the set loved to take photos with Fat Gor and study photography. "Fat Gor poisoned me with photography, but the larger the film the more expensive it was. Earlier I looked for an excuse to buy two new cameras, my wife yelled at me like crazy."

Wong Jing after 20 years worked with Fat Gor again on a gambling film. He did not want the story to have too many mob ties again. Thus in the film he added special magic tricks as new elements. However their chemistry remained the same. "Fat Gor this time was very tense and gave a lot of good opinions, unlike back then when we were so busy after the shoot we went our own ways."

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