Monday, February 10, 2014


Louis Koo remains the focus despite his late arrival
Donna Chu, Raymond Wong, Fennie Yuen, Eric Tsang
Janelle Sing performs
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Lynn Xiong draws her assistant in a lucky drawing
Ronald Cheng, Sandra Ng and Raymond Wong
Louis Koo draws a winner
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Raymond Wong Pak Ming's Pegasus Entertainment two nights ago held its spring banquet. He led the Lunar New Year film HELLO BABIES (LUK FUK HEI SI) actors in Lunar New Year greeting and gave away lai see. Sandra Ng Kwan Yu's father Ha Chun Chau continued to display his sense of humor as he and Wong Pak Ming played off of each other. "Thank you very much Wong Pak Ming, he asks me to make movies every year, but this year my daughter actually went to be a chicken (GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS)!" Wong Pak Ming said, "Why don't you guest star, you can play an old duck!" Uncle Winter answered, "My daughter is a chicken, if I have to, of course I would be a rooster!" Kwan Yu, Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Karena Ng Chin Yu and Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) laughed.

Currently working on the film Z STORM (Z FUNG BO), Louis Koo Tin Lok and Eric Tsang Chi Wai were asked for photos as soon as they arrived. Hung Doi Lam drew her assistant to win HK$5,000 lai see. She awkwardly said that it was not fixed. She even hoped to bring luck to those around her.

Pegasus Entertainment has many 2014 projects. The Goo Jai starred Z STORM costs 60 million. In the story the Independent Commission Against Corruption battles brains and brawn with criminals.

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