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Chapman To got into shape for NAKED AMBIITON 3D
Tsui Kam Kong's daring nude photo book
Chapman To worked on location in Japan with adult video actresses
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Chapman To Mat Jat tried to lose weight many times unsuccessfully, very quickly he would revert to his original shape or even fatter than before. For his film NAKED AMBITION 2 (HO CHING 3D), half a year ago he began to lose weight and even got some chest and abdominal muscles from his training. Although the film has been completed for some time, earlier at the film FROM VEGAS TO MACAU (DOH SING FUNG WON) promotion Ah Jat still looked very fit. Neither his shape nor weight rebounded. Ah Jat revealed that his body caught an advertiser's eye as he was asked to pose topless for an ad; when asked what kind of ad it would be, he declined to say.

Since he was so fit, why not pose for an all nude photo book like Tsui Kam Kong did? Ah Jat said, "Tsui Kam Kong's figure has always been my life goal. Wing Shya (photographer Ha Wing Hong) said that he would shoot the photo book for me. If it is for charity, I don't mind." Would he show as thoroughly as Tsui Kam Kong did? Ah Jat grin and said, "If anyone is willing to see it, I can bare all! When I made NAKED AMBITION 3D, the important area had no tape either. Because all the girls were naked, I would be very lame if I hid left and right." Was he very confident in himself that he would display himself to others? He actually humbly said, "Don't say it, Chinese people in front of foreigners don't disappoint, since the house is big I might as well be generous, enough is OK."

Ah Jat since losing his weight lost all the triglyceride. He happily said, "The doctor said I am all better. Now my diet is back to normal. My weight and shape haven't rebounded. The doctor said that the human body has memory. I was on the program for half a year, my body lost all the memory of my fat unless I kept pigging out for a month. I haven't been drinking but I tried not to go out. I don't want to binge drink, which is pointless and harmful to the body. I will turn 42 soon, I have to take care of my body. Health is the most important." Ah Jat who fell in love with exercising now still kept exercising three days a week and 2 hours each time.

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