Thursday, February 6, 2014


John Woo describes THE CROSSING as mainly about fate, human nature and hope.  No matter what difficulty we face hope will always be there tomorrow.
Masami Nagasawa, Takeshi Kaneshiro
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The Berlin Film Festival is not only a film culture exchange holy land but also the world's largest film exchange platform. Returning to the director's chair after 4 years, John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) two days ago appeared in Berlin to find overseas buyers for his 300 million yuan RMB production, the epic romance THE CROSSING (TAI PING LUN) with Asian stars Takeshi Kaneshiro (Gum Sing Mo), Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Ziyi, Song Hye-Kyo and Masami Nagasawa.

Known as the "China version TITANIC", THE CROSSING's story crossed over 50 years of Chinese history with 3 couples of different backgrounds and nationalities. Through war and hardship they finally found happiness.

Ng Yu Sum said that as earlier as 2008 when he was making RED CLIFF (CHEK BIK), LUST CAUTION (SIK, GAI) screen writer Wang Hui-Ling already recommended this story to him. "People only know me from action films, actually I can make romantic films too."

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