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Law Kar Ying

Dean Shek, Karl Maka
Wu Ma's final film HUA ZHUANG SHI will be released in March
Tian Ni
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Daughter Fung Chi Wai and widow Ma Yin
Lee Lam Lam with Wu Ma's widow

Sammo Hung
Mainland actor Tang Guoqiang
Ti Lung, Tao Man Ming, Willie Chan
Teddy Robin Kwan, Karl Maka, Dean Shek
Mang Hoi, Chan Wai Man, Cheung Kuen, Ting Yu

Susan Shaw
Tian Ni
John Chiang
Law Kar Ying
Anthony Chan
Danny Lee
Chin Siu Ho
Ken Low
Tsui Siu Keung
Eric Tsang shows his appreciation as he arranges for monks to chant for Wu Ma
HUA ZHUANG SHI is Wu Ma's final film
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Famous veteran actor Wu Ma (originally named Fung Won Yuen) passed away at home from lung cancer on the 4th at the age of 71; yesterday services began at the Universal Funeral Parlor. Widow Ma Yin was sorrowfully present at the hall to make the services glorious and elegant as she sent her late husband on his final journey. Wu Ma's remains after today's funeral would be transported to the Fu Shan Crematorium. Friends Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Law Kar Ying, Chin Siu Ho, Willie Chan Chi Keung and others yesterday paid their respect and lamented the passing of a good friend.

Around 2PM, Wu Ma's widow Ma Yin and her friend Tian Ni arrived. Wu Ma Soh looked sadden and teary eyed, declining to accept any interview; 14 year old daughter Fun Chi Wai after school arrived at 5PM. The hall was simply decorated, elegant yet solemn. Wu Ma's photo was a still from his Mainland television series BIG WHALING ROOM, smiling in a Chinese suit with his hands in a congratulating pose. The photo was decorated with yellow orchids and white lilies, in the center hung a banner that wrote "carefree life". On each side was a water ink painting of a horse and a couplet, "Gazing the fairy scenery from afar waves of smoke rage, noon horse (Wu Ma) gallops through the cloud"; Ma Yin and her daughter's pink rose heart shaped floral arrangement was placed at the center of the hall.

Floral arrangements from Wu Ma's friends filled the hall. They included the Performing Artist Guild, China Central Television, Jacky Cheung Hok Yau and May Law Mei Mei, Liu Xiaoqing, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Alan Tam Wing Lun, Tsui Hark and others. Wu Ma's past films were playing on the television, like A CHINESE GHOST STORY (SIN NUI YAU WON), THE SWORDSMAN (SIU NGO GONG WU), MR. VAMPIRE IV (GEUNG SI SUK SUK). Family photos were on display aswell. The ceremony had no religious affiliation. Tsang Chi Wai arranged for monks to chant scriptures as an expression of his appreciation after approval from Wu Ma Soh.

In the afternoon friends arrived to pay their respects, including Lee Lam Lam, Stanley Tong Kwai Lai, Chan Wai Man, Susan Shaw Yam Yam, John Chiang Dai Wai, Chin Siu Ho, Law Kar Ying, Ti Lung and his wife Tao Man Ming, Chan Chi Keung, Dean Shek Tin, Karl Maka and others; when Lee Lam Lam arrived, she embraced and comforted Wu Ma Soh. Wu Ma Soh was very heart broken.

Chin Siu Ho has known Wu Ma for years, both started with big director Chang Cheh. The last time he saw Wu Ma was 7 or 8 years ago. At the time they worked on A BATTLE OF WITS (MUK GUNG) in Beijing. Wu Ma was in great spirit and very energetic. He lamented how unexpected life was. His impression of Wu Ma was that he was very humorous and kept the mood light.

Law Kar Ying and Wu Ma both started in the Southern Nation Training Class. Wu Ma was a few years ahead of him. Last December when they saw each other in Hengdian, he already knew about Wu Ma's condition. He never expected that he would pass so soon, which was quite regrettable.

Brother Kar Ying praised Wu Ma as flawless, very easy going with both elders and juniors. When he had time he would make chicken soup for him. He lamented, "He really liked to drink and smoke, but he drank until he couldn't drink anymore!" As for Brother Kar Ying's own health, he said, "How can I recover completely, at least I have to rest for over a month. Sigh, I already went to two funerals in the Year of the Horse!"

Ti Lung already knew Wu Ma from his first day in the business. At the time Wu Ma was Chang Cheh's assistant director. When he had some success of his own, he supported Wu Ma's bid to become a director and a screen writer. Wu Ma's passing was a loss for the film industry. They made the best partners, their name together had the spirit of "Dragon and Horse".

Chan Chi Keung has known Wu Ma for over 20 years and they were the best drinking buddies. He said that Wu Ma left suddenly, but according to his widow he went very peacefully.

The Wu Ma directed and starred final film HUA ZHUANG SHI (MAKE UP ARTIST) will be released on March 20. This horror suspense film would be Mainland actor Da Zuo's silver screen debut, and he benefited a lot from working with Wu Ma. In the film he and Wu Ma were friends. Da Zuo thanked Wu Ma for teaching him a lot. "I will always remember him as the director of my first film."

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