Thursday, February 13, 2014


Carina Lau celebrates Cherie Chung's birthday
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Carina Lau Ka Ling two nights ago appeared at the airport. She revealed that she flew to London to watch a fashion show and might fly to Berlin, Germany to attend the Berlin Film Festival closing ceremony with her husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai.

Today is Valentine's Day. Would Lau Ka Ling go to Berlin to celebrate with Wai Jai? Ka Ling said, "I will first fly to London to see a fashion show, then to Berlin to meet up with Wai Jai and attend the Berlin Film Festival closing ceremony together. We both have a lot of work! (Would Wai Jai go to London and see the fashion show with you?) No, he is on the Berlin Film Festival jury. Everyday he has to watch 3 to 4 movies. (Will you then go skiing together?) No, we already went!"

Speaking of her YOUNG DETECTIVE DEE: THE RISE OF SEA DRAGON (DIK YUN KIT ji SUN DOH LUNG WONG) Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actress nomination, Lau Ka Ling said, "I am of course happy about the nomination, actually every opponent performed very well." Wai Jai and Lee Kang Sheng will compete for Best Actor again at the Asian Film Awards. Ka Ling said, "Lee Kang Sheng truly performed very well. I wouldn't worry; winning an award or not doesn't affect Wai Jai too much." Did her friend Faye Wong and daughter Dou Ching Tung pay her a Lunar New Year visit? Ka Ling pointed out that several days ago she already met with Faye Wong in Beijing.

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