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Donnie Yen plays the piano while his father plays the violin
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I have been in the film industry for over 30 years. Today I have a little success, but whether I am successful or not I have always respected the business that I work in. This is probably due to my father's secret influence. Father Yen Wan Lung worked as an editor at the Boston Sing Tao Daily for 33 years, he still is working today as he would occasionally write an article. I of course hope he can retire and enjoy his life, but he likes and enjoys his work. As his son I should be supportive.

As the Boston Chinese population grew, father at age 40 joined the local Sing Tao Daily. Although the benefit was not considered good, Papa had to provide his own place and the format was cooperative. Father during the day helped with mother's martial art school administration, at night he would often write until very night. He was completely into his work, even paying out his own pocket. The company lacked resources so he bought a Chinese typewriter and even printing press, the goal of which was to get things done. He was a very responsible newspaper man, the articles that he wrote had to be professional, objective and ethical. He was very demanding on himself. The Boston branch had the most advertising in the group, some of the credit went to Father. In addition Father also formed the Sing Tao Daily Chinese Orchestra, participated in many community organizations and contributed to the Chinese community.

Father often talked to me about life and Chinese history. His motto was "no regret". He would rather being taken advantage of than taking advantage of others, as being taken advantage of was not necessarily a bad thing. Father had the mind of a generous gentleman. he has been teaching me these life principles since I was little, but I was very rebellious when I was little. I thought that he was outdated and constantly clashed with him. Once at the Tsim Sha Tsui pier, because I was mischievous I kept talking back to him, Pa got mad and said that he wanted to throw me into the sea. At the time I was only a few years old, I could not even remember why I was talking back. However as I was growing up, I clashed and talked back to Father countless times. Now looking back I am very regretful, if my children clash with me like that how would I deal with it?

Since I became a father, I finally understood what being a parent was about. As I experience the principles that Father taught me one by one in my life, I finally understood that I had to listen to what elders said. They indeed truly had "more salt than I have had rice". My parents never call to bother me or ask me for anything, on the other hand when I need them my parents are always there. This is the unconditional love that parents have for their children. Now I have learned to cherish my relationship with my parents. Life is so short, everyone would experience birth, aging, illness and death, I do not want one day when they will not be around me to feel regret.


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