Sunday, February 16, 2014


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Artist Alex Lam Tak Shun recently starred in the Gordon Lam Ka Tung directed vampire film SEI HOI DI LAI (DIE FURTHER AWAY). Earlier around 8PM, Alex appeared at a Mongkok park and worked on a crying scene with lead actress J.Arie. In the film, the sharp dressed Alex and J.Arie sat on a bench and did not speak, but J.Arie suddenly broke down. Later she got so mad that she bit tissue for release, Alex was so scared that he did not dare to look at her directly. When Alex handed her tissue, J.Aire even grabbed his arm and bit it!

Because the temperature was only 8 degrees Celsius in the evening, Alex who was just sitting at the park was pale from the chill! While waiting for the shot, the crew attentively put down jackets on Alex and J.Arie to keep them from catching a cold.

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