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Alex To says that he will save a spot in his future concert for old flame Sandra Ng
Michelle Wai, Ivana Wong, Elena Kong, Sandra Ng, Eman Lam, Monna Lam, Lo Mik Suet
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GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS (GUM GAI SSS) as of yesterday had a cumulative box office of HK$35 million and became the Lunar New Year film champion. Today on Valentine's Day an extra long version would be released. Sandra Ng Kwan Yu last night led Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Alex To Tak Wai, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, Wyman Wong Wai Man and Lo Mik Suet for a "Lo Hei" ceremony to wish for even better box office. Lo Mik Suet boasted that if the box office will reach 50 million, she would again kiss Koo Tin Lok to celebrate.

Kwan Yu estimated the GOLDEN box office would at least "sit at 30 and look at 40" If it made around 38 million she would already be very pleased. "50 million is a myth, if it truly reaches 50 million at the box office, I definitely would go mad!" Although the film was not released in the Mainland, it performed well in Malaysia and Taiwan. In Taipei alone it already made NT$10 million, in comparison to GOLDEN CHICKEN's NT$1.5 million only it was already a great leap forward. Kwan Yu also revealed that the film has already broken even and would in the names of guest starring artists Andy Lau Tak Wa, Nick Cheung Ka Fai and others to donate the profit to charity organizations that helped sex workers.

Kwan Yu denied that GOLDEN's Lunar New Year release upset another Lunar New Year film HELLO BABIES (LUK FUK HEI SI) boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming. She said, "He wasn't displeased, that night the HELLO celebration was very cheerful, Mr. Wong even jumped to congratulate me! He has been a boss and a producer for years, understood that it was normal to attract speculation."

Speaking of old flame To Tak Wai guest starring as a gigolo, Kwan Yu said, "To find him I had to go through his wife, proving that his 'background' was very scarred!" To Tak Wai explained, "Because I am silly, I ask my wife's opinion on a lot of things. She never kept me from taking this film, she even visited the set. She felt making me look handsome was the most important."

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