Friday, February 7, 2014


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Chinese film erotic star Hu Ching (Wu Kam) earlier accepted a Cable program interview. She said that she and Ivy Ling Po appreciated each other and had a deep friendship, as they accompanied each other through their cancer fighting days. Wu Kam said, "I found out that I had breast cancer in the U.S. I flew back to Taiwan for two operations in a row to remove my breast. Because I couldn't accept it I had depression. With Ling Po's encouragement I accepted recovery treatment and later even stepped onto the stage together." Stepping out of the shadow Hu Ching instead reminded Ling Po to get a physical examination. Finally Ling Po was also diagnosed with breast cancer.

Wu Kam also accompanied Ling Po on the road of cancer recovery. Wu Kam in Hong Kong made over 100 films. She revealed that at the time she received gold as salary, she brought a big bag to the bank to move gold. At the time she already had a Rolls Royce, a yacht, a home and a store front, she had quite a sense of achievement.

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