Monday, February 17, 2014


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The 10th Hong Kong Entertainment Epxo will take place from March 24 to April 13. Yesterday a press conference was held. Hong Kong Entertainment Expo ambassador Leon Lai Ming, the Hong Kong Trade Development COuncil Entertainment Industry Advisory Committee chair Peter Lam Kin Ngok, Ng Yu and the 4th Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival Asia Super New Star Award Hong Kong representative J.Arie (Lui Sum Yu) attended.

Lai Ming yesterday appeared in blue and in a decent mood, even had a smile on his face. Lai Ming was just rumored to have a new girlfriend, a 23 year old model who resembled his former wife Gaile Lok. Yesterday Lai Ming did not accept any media interview because he was in a rush. After the event ended he left, seemingly deliberately avoiding the press and discussing his new romance.

Lai Ming as the Hong Kong Entertainment Expo ambassador said, "Hong Kong's greatest specialty is the location might be small, but any mistake could be very quickly corrected. Anything it did poorly it could very easily adjust. The most important was to open your mind a little and accept how the gears of the world at large operated. If you can't accept that, the advantage of a small place is the ability to slowly correct that without being easily discovered."

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